Google SEO Checklist

The following are tips to use for On-Page SEO, and how to have higher rankings in Google.

1. Have an URL that’s short and rich with keywords

It’s no secret that Google looks for keywords when it comes to ranking web pages. But not that many people know that having a keyword in your web address is also helpful to gain a higher ranking in Google.

2. Your title tag should start with a keyword

In deciding a title for your site, it’s important to use a keyword that’s closer to the beginning of the title. The closer the word is to the title’s beginning, the greater your chances for a higher ranking.

3. Have the keyword within the fist 100-150 words of the article

Writing content is always very helpful for websites. However, what many entrepreneurs don’t know, is that a keyword should be mentioned within the first 100 to 150 words of your content. Normally, entrepreneurs will write a long intro, and start including keywords in the middle of the article. Doing this will hurt your chances of getting a higher ranking in Google. Google must be able to determine what the article is about.

4. Word your title in a H1 tag

Which will help your blog post title significantly. It is your head line tag. You must check it periodically from time to time to ensure that your H1 tag for the setting is getting the respect and honor it deserves, because from time to time, themes can override your setting.

5. Loading speed

Google knows this is most important, and was stated on the website page loading speed. It’s beneficial, and is one of the SEO ranking signal. Plus, using CDN can boost your site speed, and using compressing images, and switching to faster hosting will also help. But you must make a note to yourself, to check it by using the four second rule with the use of PageSpeed Insights. This website will check your loading speed usage. CDNs and also cache plugins will help focus on your loading speed for quick information, and show the viewer a better point of view.

6. To make your site faster

You must invest in premium hosting. Hostgator and Bluehost would be a good option to make sure your site is faster for the money you paying. It really does matter about the money you pay to different website hosting to get the kind of quality speed you really need.

7. Modifier help your title

Like “best”, and “2016”, can help improve and excel your rank to it’s most highest potential for long tail versions of your target keyword. You see, I have found out that this is a very good way to wrangle in those super long tail keywords. You see, modifiers are not targeting any particular long tail keywords. But it makes the title simple to show a short term or small amount of word for better choice selection wording, To eliminate word strategies to the point for the viewers, and keep it easy and simple.

8. A purpose in social sharing buttons

This purpose is not to make your site rank higher, but used to your advantage to draw more viewers to you site. This is to give you more chances to be successful in making your website on adventure to link on, and keep the crowd constantly coming in to take of your site, to the next level that few might have.

9. Post long content

The SEO has had knowledge of length is strength, and by adding a longer content would make your rank a very great effect of the Google’s first page. It’s good to make your article have a meaty, long use of words to give more information to the viewer. This is to have a more explanatory effect on your viewer; to give your content a winner’s quality; and to have a bigger chance of your rank to grow, and become better.

10. The slash bounce rate

This shows the viewer how interesting your webpage might be, this bounce rate will not be the end to the viewers interest. You see, bounce from Google quickly clicks away, so there will not be a waste of time viewing this particular content. The best thing to do in keeping the viewer interested and not leave your site is to add internal links to the beginning of your content. This would help you become a very smart business conscious person. This also would overcome the obstacle of uninterested points of views from your article, and be an effective internal link to set new standards and make your article or website rise above measures, in capturing the viewers interest in your website.

11. Using LSI keywords

This means all keywords are synonyms, which by the way, Google uses to determine pages importance. Long content will increase and help rise the odds that you’ll naturally add LSI keywords in your content. To do this is to search your keywords in Google, and scroll down to the search related to on page SEO, to help you broaden your view of what’s helpful and what’s not.

12. URL

Clearly help you see information to determine the relevancy of a given web page by the search engine. Along with the internal links, SEO shows the categories of hierarchy for that particular website, which is reflected by using URL.

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