Content Samurai Review

With the new ongoing trends and demands for marketing, new marketers need a “new” edge. Written content just isn’t enough anymore. More of the awaiting public would like to be educated by video these days. In fact, search engines actually favor video to text. All that is fine and dandy, but who has the time to create videos? Who has the money to pay someone to make a video for them? The whole process could easily cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars to get it done right. But there is a solution: A great tool for creating awesome content videos, which could bring you more visitors from YouTube and Google.

This tool is called “Content Samurai” and it’s a new product that will make your video marketing a whole lot easier. You could easily create professional, marketable videos in a timely fashion. You’ll also save a lot of money in the process. You can effortlessly take a blog post, an article, or sales letter, and turn it into a mind-blowing sales or informative video.

Text to Video
Text to Video

Content Samurai takes the information that you upload into it and allows yo to break it down into sections. Once the information you have uploaded is in Content Samurai, then the real magic begins. You’re ready to add exciting background color to your sales video (or education video).

Text to Slides
Text to Slides

You are also given the option to add your voice to the video and even match it to the existing slide with your written or picture content. This makes professional looking video. If you’re an internet marketer, you owe it to yourself to have the best marketing technology available. This software really should be in your arsenal.

Watch my hands-on review of Content Samurai now:

And here is the resulting video, I have created with Content Samurai in a few minutes, during the recording of the review:

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After reading this 3 tutorials you could also ask me for help and I will show you how to start with the tool:

If you want to check out new features and see how everything is working, watch out for new webinars or replays.